Raw Organic Coconut Oil Benefits

  • RENEW YOUR LIFE FROM HEAD TO TOE; our top grade USDA organic coconut oil will change the look and feel of your skin, hair, scalp and nails; this coconut oil for hair and skin is made especially as a nourishing beauty oil, for beautiful, smooth, supple and radiant skin and for thicker, fuller and shiny straight or curly hair
  • STRENGTHENING AND DEEPLY CONDITIONS; the MCTs in our oil nourish and strengthen your hair, leaving it shiny and lustrous; very effective for people who have extremely dry damaged hair, itchy scalp, flakes and dandruff; no more embarrassing moments of white flakes on your black or dark colored clothes, boost your personal confidence and self esteem with shiny, silk locks
  • REPAIR, REJUVENATES AND MOISTURIZES; this moisturizer or moisturizing oil heals, conditions and hydrates dry, cracked and parched skin; your fine, sensitive facial skin will glow as our cold-pressed oil penetrates deeper than and softens not just the surface, but also the deep layers below; your skin will look and feel happier and healthier
  • PURE EXTRA VIRGIN OILS FOR MOISTURE AND HEALTH; This safe and soothing, anti fungal, raw unrefined coconut oil is not bleached or deodorized and is free from additives and chemicals; it is good to use either way in solid or liquid form; try it today and experience the full benefits of this natural hydrating wonder healer; look and feel your best everyday
  • TOP RATED AND GUARANTEED TO PERFORM; everybody deserves to be beautiful and healthy and we at iOrgani stand behind our quality products 100%; we are real people who use our own products daily; we expect the best for our family and want the same for yours because we care

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