Coconut Oil for Dogs: Most Common Dog Skin Issues and How to Treat Them Fast

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Typical dog skin concerns often tend to rise during summer and wintertime. And the harsh climate conditions can produce chaos on your dog's layer as well as skin. Just like people, pets additionally suffer from a number of skin issues. However, unlike human beings, they can not discuss it vocally. Their behaviors like continuous licking and also scratching can be a sign of discomfort.

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If you're looking for something to relieve your dog’s itchy skin, look for organic coconut oil for dogs. Due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties, it can treat common dog skin issues. These days, coconut oil is well-known for its ability to treat dog skin problems and other dog health issues.  

You must look for organic virgin coconut oil which is safe for your dog’s health. And dog coconut oil surely helps relieve and prevent dog’s skin problems. The Ultimate Pet Healer by Alpha Pet Zone is your perfect choice, the perfect dog skin soother. 

Most Common Dog Skin Problems

Understand that the only way to diagnose your dog's skin condition is to consult a veterinarian for diagnostic tests. However, here are the most common dog skin diseases:

Allergies - Skin allergies are the most common problem in dogs. And dogs that are poorly bred are prone to these skin problems. In humans, the most common type of allergic reaction is sneezing; sniffing, coughing and eye-watering, while in dogs, it is itchy skin. Dogs also suffer allergies and sometimes they get severe when left untreated. Common causes of dog allergies may either be intolerance to the dog food, dog shampoo or conditioner or even environmental factors like dust, insect bites, mold or pollen from plants. It's very important that you know what food is good for your dog and what grooming products they can tolerate in order to prevent skin allergies.

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic and inflammatory skin problem in dogs associated with allergies. Contaminated water can also lead to more serious skin problems in dogs known as hot spots. That’s why it’s important that you make sure your dog’s environment is clean.

Nutritional Dermatitis is a skin problem caused by lack of nutrition in dogs. There are plenty of dog foods in the market, but not all of them contain all the nutrients that your dog needs. Dogs are not meant to be vegetarians; meat should be at the top of their diet. They need vitamins and Omega fatty acids and meat is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.  

Hives are a type of allergic reaction that also affects dogs. Hives are itchy round raised bumps in your dog's skin. Hives can cause your dog's hair to stick out in spots due to raised bumps. It can also cause swelling of the eyelids in dogs and other parts of their body. Hives in dogs are commonly caused by insect bites like fleas or ticks.

Bacterial Infections - This skin infection in dogs is often the root cause of your dog's skin infections. The most common bacterial infections are Folliculitis and Impetigo. Folliculitis is a bacterial skin infection in dogs that causes bumps, scaly patches, and other itchy skin problems. And Impetigo is a kind of bacterial infection that is very common in dogs.

Cyst in Dogs - Cyst is a lump found under the skin of dogs that are normally benign. These lumps are usually caused by allergic reactions, blocked oil ducts, infections, and even injury.

Fungal Infections - Another source of itchy skin in dogs are fungal infections. Yeast is the most common fungus that infects the ears and paws of dogs. It can cause itchy skin and it may lead to wounds if constantly scratched by your dog. Ringworm is a fungal infection that can cause very itchy skin in dogs too.

Parasites - Parasites in dogs are commonly known as pests like fleas, ticks, mites, and other critters. There are numbers of parasites in dogs not just fleas. There are also a lot of mite species that can cause dog skin problems and these pests flourish during warmer months, especially fleas and ticks. Pest bites can cause allergic reactions in dogs and can get severe when left untreated.

How to Treat Skin Problems in Dogs

Here are some great tips on how to help treat and prevent common skin problems in dogs with coconut oil for dogs skin and coat.

According to pet care experts, organic virgin coconut oil like The Ultimate Pet Healer by Alpha Pet Zone has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties that can help treat skin problems in dogs, both inside and out. This means that coconut oil for dogs has healing abilities for irritated skin like skin allergies, abrasions, and even cracked paws. This dog skin soother can surely relieve itchiness and cure allergies on their skin.

This pure, organic pet healer is not just great for the skin and coat but is also very safe for your pet.

Pet experts have also cited that coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids also known as lauric acid and its common function is to boost the immune system. That's the reason why coconut oil is very effective in fighting bacterial and other viral infections in dogs.

Here are some tips on how to administer coconut oil for dogs skin problems:

For a start, it's a smart idea to give a small amount of coconut oil to your dog. Start with 1/4 teaspoon and increase the dose gradually, if your dog can tolerate it after 2 weeks by 1 teaspoon, once or twice a day. But it’s not wise to give your dog more than twice a day.

Coconut oil for dogs food - How to give orally

  • Put a small amount of coconut oil over your dog's food.
  • Add a small amount of coconut oil to your homemade dog treats.

Cream for dog paws, skin, and coat - How to apply

Rub a small amount of oil between your palms, run your fingers over your dog's coat and massage a little amount into the skin, and brush the coat gently.

Coconut oil good for Dogs and it can help your furry baby with everything from itchy skin to digestive problems. And the best coconut oil for dogs is the Ultimate Pet Healer by Alpha  Pet Zone. This ultimate Pet Healer is great for treating skin problems and other dog ailments and is safe for dogs to eat. And most of all, this is safe coconut oil, pets can tolerate.


They love coconuts! Why not try giving them a treat with coconut oil.



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