Coconut Oil The "Secret Tool" Few Pet Owners Know Of

The "Secret Tool" Few Pet Owners Know Of!

The Ultimate Pet Healer by Alpa Pet Zone is excellent for most pet problems. It is pure, hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing, not just for a silky smooth, shiny coat and skin, but also works as excellent prevention, protector, repair and relief-lotion for many dog problems. Some people even use it as dog treats for brain and cognitive support....and it also even makes the pets fur more SHINY.  Dogs love the taste of this organic cold-pressed coconut oil for dogs.

This all-natural canine healing adds vital nutrients with a soothing tropical scent. Trust this dog coconut oil to kill yeast, bacteria & fungus. Apply this coconut oil for dogs skin and coat, daily on affected areas and protect the skin with a t-shirt or soft covering. To prevent your pet from licking it off or biting and scratching on those affected areas, you may want to put on a small dog head cone or e collar to aid the healing.

This virgin pet coconut oil naturally melts and becomes liquid at 76 degrees F, and returns to solid, when cooled in the fridge. If you want to make this coconut oil liquid instantly, simply put some on your hands, rub them together, apply to affected areas.

Order this Organic Coconut Oil for Dogs, here on Pure Natural Miracles or on Amazon, to relieve your pet from itching & other infections. This is the perfect dog skin soother.

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