The Benefits of Raw Organic Maca Powder That You Need to Know

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  • PREMIUM PERUVIAN MACA POWDER from superior grade non-gmo, potent large roots, grown in Andean elevations above 14,000 feet in the rich soil of Junin, Peru; best Incan warrior relief superfood to sustain and increase energy, vigor, stamina, circulation, vitality, wellness, holistic healing, longevity, memory, and mental clarity 
  • ADAPTOGENIC QUALITIES of this complex meal replacement, maca root helps your body adapt to stress, mood swings and anxiety, counteracts physical fatigue and is favored among health enthusiasts for its performance and recuperating abilities, also one of the best anti-aging supplements and superfoods for seniors
  • 100% WILDCRAFTED RAW MACA, FAIR TRADE, NATURAL, NON-GELATINIZED LEPIDIUM MEYENII, made from dried yellow, red and black maca roots, known to be great for hormonal imbalance, this pre, and post-gym workout, salt and sodium-free herbal energizer, benefits, and balances hormones for both men and women
  • VERSATILE KITCHEN INGREDIENT; use this whole food, nutritional booster in baked goods; make healthy diet snack bars, blend in breakfast smoothies, vegetal protein shakes, coffee, latte, tea, cacao, chocolate, gourmet desserts, ice cream, juice, oatmeal, cereal, green sports drinks, cooking, baking or mix in salad dressings as thickener
  • VEGAN, USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC MACA POWDER EXTRACT; free from pesticides and impurities; every batch is tested, guaranteed to boost and perform; try this power-packed, plant-based, vegetarian, nutrient-dense malty maca magic for recovery and relaxation; satisfaction guaranteed; order this maca Organica en Polvo now. 

    Raw Organic Maca is an excellent add on ingredient for your dish.

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