Having raw cacao nibs is among my top preferred healthy methods of enjoying chocolate.
There are lots of reasons why you should incorporate them into your diet if you haven't done so.
Cocoa nibs are cut, raw cocoa beans that are just removed from the husks or shelled. They're not
processed like regular chocolate chips. It is considered one of the most natural forms of chocolate
and the least processed. But still, you can substitute cocoa nibs for chocolate chips in any recipe.
They also have a lot of uses. It can be added to your breakfast smoothies, dessert toppings,
and baking cakes, cookies, or pastries. The aroma is unbelievably good. They are easily available 
online just like Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs. Whether you eat them raw or otherwise,
they still have tremendous health benefits. Let’s look at the top reasons why you should buy a bag today!

Cacao beans from Peru


One of the best reasons why you should incorporate cacao nibs in a recipe is its antioxidant component.
You may have read a lot of information regarding antioxidants, but most of us do not actually understand
just how helpful they are. Antioxidants are so powerful that they can eliminate any form of cancer,
weight problems, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and even the flu!
Pure Natural Miracles Cocoa nibs
are packed with these great antioxidants, more than any other superfood, including all the others we have
heard so much about. Just a simple handful of nibs added to your dishes is already enough to raise the
antioxidant levels. Even if the recipe you are using these for is not a raw recipe, you'll still get a healthy
dosage of anti-oxidants since they are much less refined than other forms of chocolate.

            Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Superfood


Flavonoids are just like antioxidants because they contain free radicals and cancer-fighting properties.
The organic cacao nibs have been found to be high in flavanols. This is the main kind of flavonoid in raw
cacao. Studies suggest that flavanols have a good impact on vascular health. It improves the flow of blood
from the brain to the heart. It also makes blood platelets less sticky and able to clot effectively.  


    high metabolic burn rate due to cacao nibs effect


While cacao nibs could not totally eliminate the calories in the food you make, they do provide a big metabolic
factor advantage. They are abundant in stimulants that normally improve your metabolism rate. Another
great reason to consume
Pure Natural Miracles cacao nibs, right?

         delicious chocolate drink made with organic cacao nibs


You might be wondering what stearic acid is. Saturated fat from cacao is abundant in stearic acid.
This acid aids in preventing the storage of dangerous cholesterol in the body. Although they are
saturated fats the
cacao beans are completely cholesterol-free, unlike milk which can be found in
regular chocolate chips, which contains animal fat. 



Most of us believe it's tough to give up consuming chocolate, however cacao nibs are a healthy way
to have chocolate while actually decreasing one's appetite. They provide an energizing effect that
immediately stops the cravings for sweets or other foods because of its high satiety factor.

   mood enhance healthy Pure Natural Miracles cacao nibs


Chocolate is well-known as a superfood that can boost mental wellness. Having cacao nibs can make
you happier by simply having a spoon or two daily without the extra sugar! I do recommend including
these cacao nibs in a healthier treat like a fruit smoothie to maximize this benefit. Either way, it will
certainly make you happier as well as help prevent depression.


Did you know cacao nibs contain probiotics? Not so many people are aware of this but it is actually true!
Cacao beans undergo a fermentation stage before the beans are dried under the sun. This means when
you consume raw
organic cacao nibs, you're obtaining a high dosage of all those healthy and balanced
probiotic cultures that resulted from that fermentation. Any heat will damage the probiotics, so try to use
the nibs as raw whenever possible to maximize this benefit.

            Organic cacao nibs


The crunchy texture that the nibs provide makes the taste buds feel extra satisfied. It adds another layer
of flavor profile that improves the taste of the dish as you chew the nibs. Furthermore, adding nuts like
almonds or walnuts can also help maintain a healthy heart.


Chocolate is known to be a mood-enhancer. It is also one of the best ways you can combat stress and anxiety.
With just a little quantity you can already lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health and prevent
clogged arteries.
 Cocoa nibs have a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, and iron, which
alleviate anxiety and also tiredness. Processed chocolate still contains a few of these nutrients, but definitely
not as much as raw
cocoa nibs do.


Organic cacao nibs gives you extra energy! They can lower migraines and mental exhaustion due to poor
sleep naturally without any side effects of caffeine. Processed chocolate still contains caffeine, but the
cocoa nibs have much less due to their minimal processing. But still offering a stimulant effect. Just
don't consume your treat prior to bed or you could be up for a while!


Organic cacao nibs contain compounds of polyphenols, naturally occurring in cacao beans. It gives
a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular functions of the body. It reduces blood pressure and fights inflammation. 


These are some of the reasons why you should try to include cacao nibs in your daily diet today plus they
actually taste great! They do have a much fruitier and richer taste profile than chocolate, and also one that will
remind you of the aftertaste of red wine. I personally like
Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs as they are cacao nibs
ally grown from Peru. Have you ever used chocolate nibs in your food preparation? If not, you should
definitely order one today from Pure Natural Miracles
and share your recipes with us in the comments below!

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