Are you even close to getting the antioxidants your body needs?

We’ve been talking about antioxidants all week, but did you know that for us to get the minimum recommended antioxidant units per day, we would need to eat A LOT of fruit and vegetables? And it’s also not just the quantity of fruit and vegetables that matters, but also the quality. All fruits and veggies aren’t really the same when we talk about antioxidants and health benefits. If you can, try to choose the high-powered, colorful ones out there. One great way to get many different ones in one meal is to make a healthy smoothie.

To supplement your daily diet, why not also make it a daily habit to add a heaped tablespoon or two of raw organic cacao powder or raw cacao nibs to your daily cup of coffee? It can be as simple as just that. Now isn’t that a simple, yet delicious way to load your body up with the key antioxidants it needs?

Remember that in addition to having heart- health benefits, raw cacao powder is a naturally rich and powerful source of skin-loving antioxidants. So don’t let your body and skin miss out on those! 

Start today and stay healthy!