Beyond Hydration: The Health Secrets of Water and Celtic Salt

Last time, we discussed the importance of water and Barbara O’Neil’s insights about water. One key point that Barbara also highlights is the significance of water and Celtic salt in our well-being. 

Celtic salt, renowned for its rich mineral content, holds a special place in Barbara's teachings. Celtic salt is minimally processed and retains its natural mineral composition, which is vital for our body's electrolyte balance and cellular function. Barbara encourages the use of Celtic salt as a healthier alternative to refined table salt, which lacks the essential minerals present in its Celtic counterpart.

By incorporating water and Celtic salt mindfully into our daily lives, we can support our body's natural processes and promote overall well-being. Barbara O'Neil's teachings remind us of the immense benefits of these simple yet powerful elements and their potential to enhance our health and vitality.

Remember to drink little mouthfuls of water at a time and not a whole glass at a time. And also drink throughout the day and not just in the mornings. Barbara encourages maintaining hydration during meals to aid in digestion. A couple of grains of celtic salt on the tongue before you drink water is great. She recommends doing that at least once or twice a day.

Wishing you a hydrated and vibrant journey of well-being.