Important Update from Pure Natural Miracles

Firstly, we would like to wish all our loyal customers a very Happy New Year! The last few years have been tough for most of us and we wish you the very best this year!

We at Pure Natural Miracles just wanted to let you know that our prices are unfortunately going up and we wanted to let you know in advance. In the last year Itself, we experienced increases in our product costs from our suppliers, packaging costs, increased import and transportation costs, etc. but we did not raise our prices last year, we just consumed those increases.

But now, 
with further increases in costs, as well as additional production costs, we really have to increase our prices to stay in business. We hope you understand.

We really hope you will continue to purchase from us as you can be certain that you are getting not just a superior quality product, but more importantly, also the same great quality as always. We in fact have a track record of having the same great quality since we started our business in 2012. The strictest of standards are in place to ensure purity and quality.

‘Your Health is Your Wealth’ PLEASE…don’t sacrifice your health by consuming lower quality food products.

PS. If you want to take advantage of our current pricing, then do that now before we raise our prices on February 1, 2023.

Again, we really appreciate your loyalty!


Alf and Gillian
Husband and Wife Team