Organic Coconut Oil For Dogs And Pets: Improve Your Pet’s Health In A Few Weeks

When it comes to pet care, we will likely rely on conventional methods. After all, an old adage continuously reminds us that “if it ain’t broken, why fix it?”

Sure, those old methods will still work, but in this day and age of living, adapting to newer practices is important in order to evolve in the right direction. This is where we segue into the introduction to coconut oil as an active ingredient you can use for taking care of your pets.

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This might be puzzling you a bit, but do read on through this article to find out more. Hopefully, after doing so, you will be more informed about the benefits of coconut oil for your furry ones.

A brief introduction to coconut oil

Before diving right into the nitty-gritty information, we must first know what coconut oil is, exactly. While it might be self-explanatory, some people are not fully aware of its properties and components, and basically what it’s made of.

In a nutshell, coconut oil is an extract from mature coconuts. It is done by collecting and the grating of the coconut meat from the shell, followed by the extraction of its milk. Once all the milk is gathered, it will then be boiled until all the water has evaporated. The remnants will then be separated, which should make up your entire coconut oil concoction.

If you happen to have an abundance of coconuts, you can do this process yourself. Otherwise, you can turn to ready-made products on the market.


Coconut oil for pet care

Skin Care

Dogs, in particular, are the ones that would benefit the most from coconut oil use. One way that it does is through skincare.

As a pet owner, you’re likely not a stranger to having your dogs endure itchy skin and pet allergies. You can help alleviate their discomfort by topically applying a little coconut oil on them.

Using coconut oil on your dog’s skin not only helps get rid of that itch, but it also acts as a disinfectant for any cuts or wounds. It can also be used to prevent flea attacks, as well as a remedy for fungal and yeast infections.

Cognitive Function

Ingesting coconut oil can also be beneficial for your furry little friend. And one way that it benefits them is by improving their overall brain function.

This is actually proven by scientific research. According to Brooklyn veterinarian Dr. Katie Gryzb, the fatty acids present in coconut oil is helpful in improving a dog’s cognitive function.

Just like human beings, dogs are also susceptible to degenerative diseases. This practice should help prevent any brain-related problems from occurring, including debilitating conditions such as dementia.  


Digestive Function

Coconut oil can also benefit animals in terms of improving their digestive functions. And like the previous item, this is also proven through various findings from medical research.

Germantown, Maryland veterinarian Dr. Pema Melu, DVM, also credited the fatty acids in coconut oil as the primary agent responsible for this process. As explained through the research results, these fatty acids are beneficial when it comes to digestive conditions because they can be easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract of the animal.

Coconut oil can also aid in killing any parasites that may inhabit the insides of your pet, as well as curbing any digestive problems such as colitis or inflammatory bowel syndrome.


Disease Protection

We humans rely on various forms of medication to keep our immune system at its peak level to help prevent disease. This can be in the form of supplements, vitamins, or simple lifestyle adjustments like getting enough sleep and eating healthy.

In the same manner, pets have their own forms of “vitamins” as well, in the form of coconut oil. How? For one, it helps prevent diabetes since it can balance out the insulin levels in the animal’s blood.

Another way is by reducing the effects of arthritis and other joint diseases, especially for aging dogs. Most importantly, coconut oil is responsible for boosting your pet’s immune system, just like how Vitamin C and anti-oxidants are for us human beings.

How to use coconut oil for pets

These methods will depend on the manner of which you intend to use this product on your pets, and there are two primary ways: ingestion and topical application. If you choose to go for the former, experts advise a twice a day limit accompanied by their daily meals. The amount of which will also depend on how big your pet is.

For small dogs, in particular, veterinarians suggest a starting dose of a quarter of a teaspoon and eventual increase to a teaspoon a day as he or she gets bigger. Other doctors advise mixing in the coconut oil with other health supplements such as Vitamin D and turmeric, an ingredient used as for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

When it comes to topical application, coconut oil can be best used as a moisturizing agent to prevent your pet’s skin from flaking and itching. For dogs, the oil can also be used to keep their coats and fur fresh looking at all times. And since coconut oil can be ingested, you will not have to worry about your dogs suddenly licking their skin….UNLESS of course if you apply it to your pet’s skin, DO MAKE SURE that your pet does NOT lick the affected areas and instead “distract them” or take them for a the affected areas 20 to 30 minutes to absorb the coconut oil.

Final Verdict

Using coconut oil for therapeutic and health benefits have only been discovered over the last few years. But once all the information came to light, this active ingredient has now become a wonder supplement, as well a “super food” for both humans and animals.

In the case of using it for your pets, you must go for coconut oil brands that are specifically made for this purpose and one such brand is Alpha Pet Zone.


The main difference is that these products are made from organic ingredients, making sure that your beloved pet only uses natural components for their bodily development.

I personally consider coconut oil used as a breakthrough method for pet care in this new age of technology. Feel free to try it out yourself and see how greatly helpful it is for your pets.

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