Benefits of Alpa Pet Zone's Virgin Coconut Oil for Cats and Dogs

Nature is one bountiful giver. There are several foods in the world that are now considered
Superfoods, packed with nutrients, possessing several antibacterial, antifungal and anti-
microbial properties. One of these Superfoods is Alpha Pet Zone's Virgin coconut oil which
some researchers have shown are very beneficial for humans. It is effective in lowering
cholesterol levels, 
being a good source of energy and improving digestion and skin health. 


Now these same benefits for human health can also be enjoyed by our beloved pets; dogs and cats. 
Cold-pressed and organic virgin coconut oil made from genuinely certified organic coconuts is pure
and safe for pets to eat and can be safely ingested as cat
and dog oil supplements for skin
and coat
. Here are some other amazing benefits of virgin coconut oil for pets:

  1. Improves and Cures Dogs and Cats Skin Conditions 
Most dogs and cats’ coats tend to become brittle, matted and dull over time due to
micronutrient deficiencies, parasitic infestations, poor diet, digestive and thyroid disorders and
many other causes. To relieve them from itching, allergies and coat problems, we can apply virgin
oil for dogs to help eliminate fur shedding, keeping their skin soft and irritation free.
This also helps to avoid greater skin problems like dermatitis, dandruff, cuts, rashes, flea bites and
other troubles such as cracked snouts, paws, ears, nose and elbows.

     2. All Natural and Ultimate pet skin soother

The Alpha Pet Zone VCO can act as the ultimate cat and dog skin soother and many veterinarians
prescribe it as one of the highly recommended
dog supplements for itchy skin. It also protects our
pets from the harmful exposure of UV rays thus making this a chemical free all-natural sunscreen.



     3. Aids in Dental Health and Well Being

Organic coconut oil for pets works well as an organic cats and dogs’ toothpaste because it is
edible, preventing your furry babies’ bad breath which helps maintain a proper oral hygiene by
combating gum diseases. The lauric content in the coconut oil for dogs and cats diminishes
and eradicates the tooth decay causing bacteria, avoiding foul smelling breath. We can clean their
teeth in 3 ways; first by letting them have a
coconut oil dog treat or a bone coated with some melted
virgin coconut oil which when dry can be given to them to chew, and lastly one can apply it with a toothbrush
meant for canines and felines.  


  4.  Boosts the Immune System and Digestive Health

The antibacterial and antiviral properties found in organic coconut oil for pets helps fight off diseases
and common infections and promotes good digestion as well as improves thyroid function.
The same properties are great for their immune system too, which in turn helps heal inflammation,
bowel disorders and colitis, aiding in an optimal absorption of nutrients.  


       5.  Promotes Healthy Brain Cognitive Function

Natural components of this organic coconut oil for pets, helps improve the brain functions
in dogs and cats as they age. By having this healthy supplement which keeps their bodies strong and in
good condition, their brains also function well, keeping animal dementia at bay.
These are just some of the amazing benefits our feline and canine friends can get from daily intake of this
Alpha Pet Zone's pure 
coconut oil for dogs.


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