About Us

First, you probably wonder why we do what we do…let me tell you why. In the current climate of an accelerated life-style and carelessness with respect to balanced nutrition, more and more people are being diagnosed with serious illnesses like cancer etc. It is well known that 80% of Americans are deficient in essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. And that is one of the main reasons why there are so many people falling sick today.

Our purpose is to help you make a change! Like our company name implies, our purpose is to provide pure, natural, premium, non-GMO, organically grown superfoods that provide nourishment, enhance strength, energy and overall health at a great price. To do that, we go straight to the source. The food is shipped directly to us from the grower / exporter who we personally met. We help others as well as ourselves acquire high quality and fresh health foods that lead to vitality and longevity. We sell products that have been grown in an earth-friendly and people-friendly way.

Our products are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Besides being certified organic, our products are also Vegan and Gluten free. So if you are looking for the healthiest Raw Organic Maca and Cacao products, you have definitely come to the right place. If you are new to our website, make sure to sign up, on our Home Page, for free recipes, articles, discounts and more! As we grow, we will continue to search for and introduce more pure and natural products that are extremely healthy and beneficial.

Our Promises and Commitments to our  Customers:

  • We will be friendly.
  • We will be professional.
  • We will provide the highest quality products.
  • We will do what we promise.
  • We will keep you informed as we progress.
  • We will provide prompt service.
  • We will maintain great attitudes toward service.
  • We will earn your loyalty with quality and value.
  • We will use creativity to differentiate and dominate.
  • We will cultivate relationships by paying attention to individual needs and interests.
  • We will recover memorably when an error occurs.
  • We will respond in a heartbeat or faster.
  • We will serve with a smile.
  • We will serve memorably – service is an opportunity and a priority, not a job function.
  • We will make providing you the best service our top priority.
  • We will treat all customers the same – LIKE GOLD.
  • We will always go the “Extra Mile.”