Raw Organic Cacao Powder...turned into Mocha Magic

How about this organic raw cacao powder turned into a FANTASTIC Mocha

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Magic Treat... 

Best organic raw cacao seeds from Ecuador.


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1. Is Cacao Powder gluten free?

Yes, pure cacao powder is gluten free.

2. How do you consume raw cacao powder?

Raw Cacao Powder is a super food and is used in smoothies, shakes, hot beverages, baking and desserts.

3. Which cacao powder should you choose?

The best cacao powder is one that is raw and organic. Raw Organic Cacao Powder is packed with antioxidants, nutrients and minerals, and thus is abundant in health benefits.

4. Are flavonoids good for your skin?

Flavonoids provide strong antioxidant protection as well as protection from UV radiation. So yes, flavonoids are great for the skin. Cocoa flavanols are flavonoids that are naturally found in the cocoa plant.

5. How Cocoa Powder is Made?

Cocoa beans are the product of cocoa trees, which can be grounded into cocoa powder. The main production process: Cocoa beans roasting - peeling & crushing (cocoa nibs) - Grinding(into cocoa liquor) - oil pressing - powder grinding.

You can BUY this product directly here on our WEBSITE or buy it from our Amazon.com USA Store HERE.

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