Discover this Surprising Health Benefit of Cacao Nibs

We’ve been talking about Cacao Powder in the last couple of emails/newsletters, but today we are so excited to share with you a 5-star review we just got from a Raw Cacao Nibs customer of ours on Amazon.

This is exactly what he/she, P. Top wrote: 

Delicious and Nutritious

I ordered these nibs because I have Fibromyalgia (FM). Also, I am a chocolate addict. Cacao is especially good for inflammation which is one of the worst and limiting symptoms of FM. So far, they seem to be helping. I have experimented making a hot and cold brew with them then mixing them with mint tea. In this way it reduces the bitterness of the cacao and no sweetener is required. The teas I have been brewing are delicious and refreshing. They also fulfill my chocolate cravings without the sugar.

Here’s the direct link to see the review she wrote if you care to verify it:

As you can see, this customer has shared her personal experience and how she has been able to improve her condition with the help of our cacao nibs. This was something we actually had never heard of before and so we wanted to share it with you because we care. If you know of someone struggling with fibromyalgia or similar inflammation issues, please do your part and share this valuable information with them. After all, sharing is caring!;-)

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You have a great day!