Does a shiny coat mean your dog is healthy?

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Date: Jan. 04, 2022

What does it mean when dog has a shiny coat?

happy dog with healthy and shiny coat

Healthy and shiny coats for dogs are goals all dog owners have on their bucket list this new year. All pet owners agree that one of the signs your dog is healthy is having a shiny coat. If “ How do I make my dog’s coat shiny? " or  " Why are some dog coats shiny? " are questions you ask yourself, then you’re on the right track. The good news is that it's very achievable! Here are some tips on how to improve dog’s coat.


Best food for shiny dog coat

Balanced diet for healthy and shiny coat for Dog

A great place to start your dog’s healthy and shiny coat journey is diet. Veterinary experts agree that maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat requires a properly balanced diet that includes vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, quality proteins, and minerals. A dull coat is most often due to a lack of proper nutrition. So make sure that you provide quality foods for your pet.


How often should I bathe my dog?

Healthy and shiny coat for dog means well-groomed

Bathing and brushing your dog regularly are simple yet vital home remedies for shiny dog coats. Bathing your dog at least once every month or less if your dog spends most time indoors. If you’re wondering, how often should I brush my dog? Brushing your dog every few days regardless of its fur type will ensure that your dog’s fur looks well-groomed.


Coconut Oil for dogs

Raw Organic Coconut Oil for Dogs

Don’t know what’s the best coconut oil for dogs? Try The Ultimate Pet Healer, raw organic coconut oil by AlphaPetZone. Coconut oil is completely safe for consumption as there are several types of saturated fatty acids in coconut oil that are essential to your dog’s diet. It’s also best for application on their coat and skin as Fleas and ticks irritate your dog’s skin, which makes them scratch and bite themselves. This can both damage your dog’s coat and cause issues for your dog’s health. Raw organic coconut oil will not only moisturize your dog’s skin and make the coat shinier, but it will also protect your dog against these parasites. Massage your dog with the oil or add a few drops of the oil to your dog’s shampoo and give your dog the healthiest and shiniest coat they will ever have!


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