Don’t Take Our Word For it. Rave Reviews for our Cacao powder.

Today, we are so excited to share with you a 5-star review we just got from a  customer of ours for our Raw Organic Cacao Powder.

This is exactly what Mike wrote: 

Have tried over 10 brands this is hands down the best
"This cocoa is dark and rich, packed with flavor. I have tried over 10 different brands of 100% cocoa and none come close to the richness, texture, mix ability, and most importantly taste! I mainly eat it every morning where I mix it with oatmeal, stevia and fresh blueberries/strawberries along with Ceylon cinnamon. Also mix it in greek yogurts along with protein powder and use this to add additional chocolate richness and of course healthy flavonols. Not likely to switch unless quality and consistency begins to suffer."

Here’s the direct link to see the review he wrote if you care to verify it:

We get so happy when we hear customers immediately noticing and experiencing the difference in our cacao, as compared to others, in not just the taste, but all the other specifics too. With that said, our next email to you will be all about the uniqueness of our cacao powder and why it is so highly favored.

You have a great day!