Ways to Unlock the Power of your Mind and Boost Your Brain Health

In our previous newsletter, we spoke about some great benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation but you may be wondering how to get started. Today let's discuss different ways we can actually start to practice it.

Remember that what works best for one person may not work for another. 

Here are a few practical ways to get started:

  1. Body scan: This is a simple mindfulness technique where you focus your attention on each part of your body, starting at the toes and moving up to the crown of your head. Do this with your eyes closed, while lying down or when seated.

  2. Breath awareness: This is a form of meditation where you simply focus your attention on your breath, noticing the sensation of the air moving in and out of your body.

  3. Guided meditation: There are many guided meditations available online or through apps that can help you get started with meditation. These recordings will typically walk you through the process and help you stay focused.

  4. Mindful movement: Yoga, tai chi, and qigong are examples of mindful movement practices that combine physical movement with mindfulness and meditation techniques.

  5. Mindful eating: Mindful eating is the practice of paying attention to the experience of eating, including the taste, smell, and texture of food. So when you eat, don’t do other things, just focus on the experience of eating.

  6. Nature walks: Walking in nature with an open and curious mind and attention to the present moment can be a form of mindfulness practice.

It's important to remember that mindfulness and meditation are not about achieving a certain state or having a particular experience, but about paying attention to the present moment without judgment. And it's also important to be gentle with yourself, if your mind wanders, simply notice it and bring your attention back to your breath or your body.

If you are not practicing mindfulness and meditation, we really hope that you will try it. Your brain will love you for it!

Have a great day!